Wellcome to Top 3 Digest

Do you feel lost in the enormous amount of information on the Internet? Well, then you are a part of a very large community. And yes, this is indeed the right place for you. Because this website publishes man-made selections of the Top 3 websites in a number of categories and therefore helps you in finding the best and most useful stuff.

The content of this website is therefore dependent on two factors: (1) on our selection of categories and (2) on our selection of individual websites within those categories.
As regards the categories, we do not try to pretend we know everything. Our categories are based on the topics that are interesting for us personally. We could hardly deal with topics that are completely distant from what we know or what we do. If you like our work and want to propose a topic, feel free to do it (e.g. by the comments or via our e-mail address), however, we do not promise the inclusion of any specific category.The same applies to the individual sites: what we include in the “top 3 websites” is nothing more than our opinion and nobody can derive anything else from that. And there is no need to submit any links to your sites or to propose sites for reviewing. We are not Google or Bing, we even do not operate any robots and we do not want to spend the rest of our lives reviewing various websites.One more warning: our recommendations will be limited to websites that are in English. We know that there are many other languages in the world and we admit that there might be websites that exceed those recommended by us in many aspects but if they are in another language they will not be considered.The content of this site will be created over time. We are going to cover inter alia the following topics:

Health, Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness, Nutrition, Medicals, Nutritional Supplements, Medical Devices, Medical Advice, Vegetarian Lifestyle, Vegan Lifestyle, Organic Food, Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes;

International News, Business News, Major Sports Events, Social Networks, Interpersonal Relationships, Psychology, Education;

Technology, Electromobility, Mobile Phones, Global Positioning Systems, Automotive and Aerospace Industries, IT, Internet, Cloud Computing.

Indeed, this list is not exhaustive. It just allows getting a general idea what sort of information you will be able to find here.

And last but not least: The information presented on this website is accurate and correct according to our current knowledge. We will try to repair any broken links and similar problems that may occur over time in a timely manner but cannot guarantee that all links will be always working. You can use the information published by us for any legal purposes and in good faith. We cannot assume, however, any liability for damages of any kind resulting from such use of information by you. Any such use is at your risk only. We also try not to infringe any intellectual or other rights of other persons. If you feel that your rights were infringed by anything published on this website, please write a message to editor@t3digest.com.


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